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HARNN offers natural luxury health and beauty products based on a holistic approach to well-being. By weaving traditional Asian knowledge, philosophy, culture, and art with the latest scientific research, HARNN meticulously crafts products that harmonize the body, mind, and environment.

When HARNN Europe sought to elevate its digital presence and broaden its customer base across Switzerland, Europe, and select markets globally, we were tasked with creating a seamless and engaging e-commerce experience that embodies HARNN's essence and values.

The challenge

A harmonious e-commerce platform

We were challenged with designing an e-commerce platform that would not only enhance the user experience but also accommodate HARNN's international audience, integrate with social media platforms and online marketplaces, and offer a tailored loyalty program catering to both B2C and B2B clients. Further, our task was to bridge the gap between digital channels and physical stores.

Our approach

Embody the brand's dedication to nurturing the mind, body, and soul

HARNN is devoted to offering holistic wellness solutions inspired by traditional Asian practices and nature. We concentrated on amplifying this dedication and transforming it into a harmonious digital experience that highlights the brand's core values and transformative mission. By striking a balance between a delightful user experience, brand identity, and global accessibility, we set out to craft an e-commerce platform that elevates HARNN's digital presence and encourages customers to embrace a transformative approach to self-care.The reimagined platform also functions as an ERP solution, orchestrating data management and processes.

The result

An engaging cross-border shopping experience

We transformed HARNN's e-commerce presence by creating an engaging, accessible, and streamlined shopping experience that aligns with the brand's core values. This project wasn’t just about designing a new online storefront; we reviewed and optimized the brand’s tech stack to ensure efficiency and scalability, future-proofing the store for international growth. At the core of the new e-commerce platform, we introduced Shopify. Shopify provides a robust, flexible, and scalable technological foundation.

The new e-commerce platform has not only expanded HARNN's international reach but also increased customer engagement and loyalty, ultimately contributing to the brand's ongoing success.

Increase in conversion


Increase in revenue


Navigation & Information Architecture

We designed a navigation system that considers the entire customer journey, which begins and concludes long before and after a customer visits HARNN Europe's online store. We crafted a search, browse, and navigation experience that guides customers to products and information that match their specific needs.

Content and information are organized minimally and cleanly, with a focus on educating customers about natural ingredients and their benefits for the mind, body, and soul. The experience extends the product consultation and education found in physical HARNN stores.

This approach unifies online and offline shopping experiences, creating an engaging customer journey that acknowledges the broader context in which customers interact with the brand.

Product Filtration

To let customers discover products tailored to their preferences and needs, we implemented a powerful filtration tool capable of handling HARNN's intricate product catalog. With filters for scent, skin type, collections, product categories, and more, customers can easily refine their choices and find products that perfectly align with their tastes and desires.


The new solution allows international customers to make online purchases with ease. The entire experience is available in multiple languages, with translations fully manageable by HARNN's product and content team. Product prices are automatically converted, enabling customers to view products and pay in multiple currencies.

Customers can pay with various integrated payment methods, from traditional credit cards to Apple Pay, TWINT, and cryptocurrency.

The online store detects users’ geolocation and redirects visitors to the matching local version of the store based on their location, simplifying the shopping experience for customers worldwide.

Optimizied for mobile

We prioritized creating an online store that delivers a consistently compelling experience across all screen sizes, from desktop to mobile devices. This approach enables HARNN's customers to effortlessly browse, shop, and engage with the brand's content, regardless of the device they are using. This ensures an enjoyable and user-friendly experience on all platforms.

Marketplace Integrations

Multiple marketplace integrations further enhance HARNN’s e-commerce platform by connecting the brand with a wider audience, improving the shopping experience, and facilitating seamless management of sales and orders across various online channels.

The integration with Instagram and Facebook allows customers to browse the entire HARNN product catalog on these social media platforms. To complete their purchases, customers are directed to HARNN’s online store, ensuring a smooth shopping experience and driving traffic to HARNN's online store.

Multiple product feeds for different markets regularly upload product data from HARNN's e-commerce platform to Google, making the products available in Google Shopping. This integration further increases HARNN’s online visibility and reach, providing customers with an additional channel in which to discover HARNN’s products.

The integration of the email marketing platform MailChimp allows HARNN to send email campaigns to their customer base and set up smart email automation such as new customer welcomes, repeat buyer rewards, and other tools to send targeted, meaningful content that drives sales.

Multiple marketplace integrations further enhance HARNN’s e-commerce platform by connecting the brand with a wider audience, improving the shopping experience, and facilitating seamless management of sales and orders across various online channels.

“Voa Labs’ commitment to excellence in every aspect of the project has exceeded our expectations. Their expertise in design, implementation of custom features, and integration with other platforms have elevated HARNN’s digital presence to new heights. Our customers now enjoy a seamless and engaging shopping experience.”

Antonio Hernandez

Streamlined data migration

To ensure a seamless migration of existing customer data and products from the legacy system to the new platform, we built a custom script that imports customer data and invites them to activate their account on the new HARNN e-commerce platform.

In collaboration with HARNN, we developed a data structure that facilitated the import of over 800 products and variations, ensuring correct categorization and linkage to respective product categories and groups. This streamlined data migration process not only preserved HARNN's extensive product catalog, but also allowed customers to enjoy an uninterrupted shopping experience.

A crucial aspect of the launch of the new e-commerce platform was the smooth migration of existing customer data and products from the legacy system to the new platform. To achieve this, we built a custom script that imports existing customer data and invites them to visit the new and improved HARNN e-commerce platform and activate their customer account.

Products imported


Customers imported


“We designed and developed an e-commerce experience that supports HARNN's core value proposition—enhancing the way people care for themselves through high-quality products made with natural ingredients.”

Joël Sonderegger
Project Lead & Founder, Voa Labs
Behind the brand

A conversation with HARNN Europe’s CEO

HARNN Europe's CEO, Antonio Hernandez, provides a behind-the-scenes perspective on the wellbeing brand. He talks about opportunities and challenges in online retail, the future of the cosmetics and wellness industry, and which activities he believes will never be digitalized.

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