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Switzerland has thousands upon thousands of study and continuing education programs for a multitude of learning needs. They all have different requirements, costs, timeframes, curriculums, advantages, and disadvantages. It comes as no surprise, therefore, that finding the right education program can be difficult and time-consuming.

eduwo is a highly successful digital tool that offers a comprehensive catalog and thousands of reviews of Swiss education programs. These valuable resources have guided countless students on their path toward their ideal degree and profession.

The challenge

Displaying a large amount of data in a lucid format

The eduwo platform offers a wealth of information about various schools and courses. However, eduwo observed that it can be a challenging task for users to compare the details of a few selected schools and courses.

Recognizing this issue, eduwo approached us to design a comparison feature that would allow users to effortlessly compare the key characteristics of all selected study programs and courses. The challenge was to display a large amount of data for multiple courses, side by side, in a lucid format.

Our approach

A seamless integration with the existing platform

We applied our tried-and-tested design process framework to tackle the challenge at hand. We started off by holding in-depth discussions with the eduwo team and conducting user interviews to identify the users' needs and pain points. Based on these insights, we defined the customer journey and set the product goals with the eduwo team.

As part of the user experience (UX) process, we devised the information architecture, including elements such as the hierarchy, navigation, and interactions of the course comparison feature. We ensured that the new features seamlessly integrated with the existing eduwo platform.

We created wireframes and put them to the test with real users. We took their feedback, refined and refined again, until we got it just right.

We then developed the visual design, building upon and extending eduwo's existing design system. Finally, we handed the design off to the eduwo development team.

The result

Effortless comparison of Swiss study programs and courses

The result is an extension of the eduwo platform, offering users the first tool to compare all Swiss study programs and courses effortlessly.

Building an extension to the existing eduwo design system guarantees a seamless user experience. Additionally, it lets developers reuse many already-existing components, enabling fast implementation and ultimately reducing the cost of building the new comparison functionality.

A structured overview of course and study program attributes

The centerpiece of the comparison function is the introduction of a table in which a selection of courses or study programs can be compared at a glance. Essential course and program facts are all displayed in a well-structured format, giving users a comprehensive, visually attractive overview.

Create and save multiple comparisons

Choosing the right academic journey is a big decision, one that shouldn't be made on a whim. That's why we've given users the power to save their comparisons for later. Sometimes people haven’t decided what to study and might discover multiple fields. A prospective student might, for example, be torn between math and computer science. No problem – users can easily create and save multiple comparisons, so they can weigh their options and make an informed decision.

Toast notifications for unintrusive interaction feedback

Toast notifications appear at the bottom of the screen, displaying a short message when an event on the platform occurs. After a few seconds, they disappear on their own, creating an unintrusive way to provide feedback to users. A toast notification, for example, notifies a user when a course has been added to a comparison. The toast notification also contains a button that gives users quick, direct access to the relevant comparison, enhancing the customer experience.

“It’s difficult to deliver a UI that presents a large amount of data in a digestible and attractive way. Voa Labs delivered just that.”

Benjamin Vidas
CMO & Co-Founder, eduwo

“We’re excited to have helped extend the eduwo platform, which supports people in the major life decision of where to study or take continuing education courses.”

Joël Sonderegger
Founder, Voa Labs

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