Voa Labs Launches New Brand

We're excited to announce the launch of our new brand today. Our company's profile has evolved since its inception, and it is time to refresh it. The new brand reflects who we are and our ambitious vision.

Joel Sonderegger
Joel Sonderegger

We're excited to announce the launch of our new brand today. Our company's profile has evolved since its inception, and it is time to refresh it. The new brand reflects who we are and our ambitious vision.

We started the digital product studio in early 2020, believing that technology can be a force for good. To kick things off, we developed a brand identity, including a logo, brand colors, typeface, website, and corporate stationery. In our first year, we landed some great clients and completed some exciting projects.

2021 was our year to focus on growth. We expanded our client base, grew our team size, and took on larger projects. We suddenly had a team with a broad range of talents: front-end developers, back-end engineers, designers, project managers, and DevOps experts. Our service offering became more comprehensive, and the projects we worked on became more sophisticated. Examples include a gateway to the Ethereum blockchain that facilitates compliance with global travel rule requirements, a DNA genetic testing tool that delivers personalized health insights, and a web application that compares all Swiss study programs.

While the growth was exciting, we realized we needed to update our brand to better reflect who we are and what we do. We needed a brand that could help us reach new heights and match our ambitious vision. That is why we decided to rebrand.

A fresh new look to represent our vision

While our branding has changed, the commitment to our core strategy remains the same. Our refreshed identity highlights what Voa Labs represents and what drives us each day. With our sharpened identity and new brand presence, our position becomes clearer and more relevant to our stakeholders. Our new branding supports Voa Labs' vision of a better, healthier, safer, more decentralized future in which every person can live a longer and richer life. Since the beginning, we have been committed to creating a positive impact on the world by leveraging technology and design. The new brand is intended to emphasize this mission.

The new brand should position us as a forward-thinking entity in the realms of business, design, and technology. Our focus on strategizing, designing, and building digital experiences will enable us to stay ahead of the curve and provide our clients with innovative solutions that meet the needs of their consumers.

Our new brand will help us better connect with our target audience and communicate the value that we offer. We are excited about this next phase in our journey as we will continue to serve our clients with excellence and build products that make a difference.

The whole concept of the new brand is based on three simple, yet powerful brand attributes:

Innovative: We transform ideas and technologies into new products and services.

Trusted: We strive to be a trustworthy partner for all stakeholders.

Futuristic: We shape the future by first imagining it and then creating it.

The new brand will be called "Innovative, Trusted & Futuristic" and will embody those attributes in everything we do. We will be known for our innovative products, trustworthiness, and commitment to shaping the future.

The logo: Simple, clean, and memorable

A core element of the new branding is the logo. The idea was to design a timeless logo that complements the new brand. The result is a simple, clean, and memorable logo.

Logo construction & clear space

The brandmark represents the initial letters V and L stacked up in an abstract and dynamic form. The word mark underscores the brand's modern, dynamic, minimalistic yet trustworthy, and balanced attitude. The brandmark and wordmark will be used combined but also separately.

The new brandmark and wordmark

Ready for launch

The new brand launches today, appearing across the website, social media channels, and corporate stationery. Along with the new visuals, the identity also includes an improved communication style and tone. We're excited to continue serving our clients with the same level of excellence and dedication, now with a refreshed look.

Written by
Joel Sonderegger

Joël Sonderegger is the Founder & Managing Director at Voa Labs. He helps his team strategize, design, and engineer products that enable businesses to transform their ideas into digital solutions, while energetically steering all aspects of Voa Labs’ operations.

Previously, Joël was a VP of Product Management at Sygnum, the world's first digital asset bank. Prior to that, he worked at Zühlke and IBM, where he gained his passion for agile, high-tech environments in which creativity and collaborations are proactively encouraged.

Joël holds a Master of Business Innovation from the University of St. Gallen (HSG) and a Bachelor of Business Administration from Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW).

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